Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Growing Children Playing Dress Up....well, not Liam

We had an eventful weekend with my friend that came to visit. These are the pictures that she took with her camera and sent to me. The girls love playing dress up and she had them strike a pose for the camera. And there is the chunky monkey Liam. He is gaining weight at a ridiculous rate. He is doing very well though and only woke up once last night! Oh, the other pictures show Alana with her large amount of jewelry. We have figured out that she is going to be the prissy one. That is ok though, we love her anyways!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well, there they are!! They of course are so cute when they are still! It happens on such rare occasion, that I am still shocked that it was actually able to be photographed. But, there they are. They are doing really well, and for the most part, they all get along. Liam doesn't quite do his share of quarreling yet, however, the girls do well without him. Actually, they don't fight that often. Only if someone steals a toy or decides that the other's turn is up. All and all, they get along quite well. Berlynn and Alana do come up with some really fun and inventive ways to keep themselves busy. They love to go "shopping". They always bring mama back a smoothie or milk. Whichever "the store has". I am hoping that this blog forces me to take more pictures and upload them more frequently to keep everyone up to date. That way, the kids aren't in there teens before anyone see the pictures in my camera!