Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liam's 18 month

We went to the doctor this past Monday for Liam's 18 month check up. Well, this boy has always been large and the doctors are not afraid to say so. This time he came in at 36 1/2 inches, which is off the charts as far as height goes. And he weighed a respectable 29.5 lbs. This was in the 90 something percentile. The doctor told me, "Don't be surprised if people always think he is older than what he is. He is quite big. Much bigger than most boys his age." I wanted to say, tell me something I don't know. People have been thinking he is older than he actually is since the day he was born! Looks like I may get my football player after all!

Just cuz...

...they are so stinkin' cute!


We took a trip to Flagstaff and visited some good friends of ours. We took a small hike while we were there and I was amazed at how much the kids liked it, especially Berlynn. She didn't want to turn back until we made it to the top! We will for sure be doing some more hiking in the fall!

Mans....Well...Maybe Girls Best Friend!

This is how I found them. Sammy is actually laying there while Berlynn reads Hop on Pop to her. Sammy looks enraptured wiht them book.

Gotta love it!

The girls sure do love their dog. And Sammy is so good as she puts up with all their antics. She even goes into the fort they make and will stay there as long as the girls want her.

The Boys!

Father and buds!
Liam is trying to help Daddy with all those wires. He just wishes Dad would let him get a little closer!

Liam and his trusty vacumn. He actually vacumns at least once a day. And, pushes around with me the whole time I am vacumning. He has actually graduated and now when I am finished with the real one....he gets to run it around for a few minutes. It is so funny to see him wait patiently and then look at me when I hand it over as if to say...."Really, for real? I am getting a turn?! Thanks!"

This is typical Liam...always smiling!

I found him sitting on the box. Just lounging and eating his snach. I love how his feet are just hanging out and crossed!